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Video marketing for blades that are f***ing great.

First impressions are everything. It’s what we do – create first impressions.

And then, once in a while, when you have the right mix of humor and ridiculous, a first impression is more than just everything – it’s a set up to launch your company (and reputation) into the viral internets.

And the craziest thing? It’s a video for… $1 razors.

Welcome to Dollar Shave Club, run by Michael Dubin (who happens to be the guy in the video). Pretty talented for a CEO, eh?

Mashable reports: Is This the Best Startup Launch Video Ever?

If there’s one lesson we’d like CEOs to learn from the Dollar Shave Club, it is this: don’t take yourselves and your product so seriously. Either that, or pretend to take yourselves and your product so seriously that you go over the top and venture into the world of parody. Have fun with it, and your potential customers are much more likely to pay attention.

Couldn’t agree more.

Remember, though: Not every product, company, brand, or person can be or has to be or will be a viral phenomenon. Refer back to our quick discourse on what makes a viral video – and why you probably don’t need one.