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Summer 2011: Busy with YouTube, political with Swiss, emotional with Charlie.

So... beach or YouTube?

Labor Day has come and gone and so the summer has ended. How’d you spend it – juicy barbeques? Sandy beaches? Perhaps a bit of baseball?

If you’re an average American, you actually spent a decent chunk of it indoors , watching videos… on YouTube.  According to HubSpot Blog, the average American internet user watches 30 minutes of online video every day.

And if you weren’t watching, well, you were part of the population uploading 35 hours of video footage to YouTube every minute. Hey, I don’t blame you – you made a lot of memories this summer!

Going beyond the United States, there was some serious anti-PowerPoint sentiment going down in Switzerland, where the Anti-PowerPoint Party (APPP) is making its beef with the presentation software political and trying to ban the application from the country. Anti-PowerPoint? Why, that’s practically pro-video! We’re with you, APPP.

Again... and again... and 370 million more times.

And, finally, the Wall Street Journal published a soul-searching (yet academic) look into why you just shared that baby video, explaining the science behind Charlie Bit My Finger – Again! and other viral videos. The secret sauce? Emotions.

Jonah Berger of the University of Pennsylvania explains: As exceptionally expressive kids, Harry and Charlie manage to take us through anticipation to agony to laughter in an easy to watch 56 seconds. A video like this manages to excite our bodies and actually cause physiological changes while viewing. It’s a state of ‘high arousal’ in the form of a quicker heart rate, open sweat glands, and pretty the much the body prepping itself for action. In this state, folks are actually more likely to share the experience with their peers.

So there you have it: A summer of video-making, PowerPoint-bashing, and emotional sharing.

Makes me wonder what a winter of staying indoors will bring…